Thursday, September 3, 2009

Food I

This is the first of probably several posts on the food that i have been eating and non-alcoholic beverages that i have been drinking here. In no particular order, here are the foods about which i would like to share:

Juice + Soda water = delicious!
Many people probably know that i do not like to drink American juice. I find it, for lack of a better description, to be strong and salty. So, imagine my surprise to find that i LOVE the juice here. For starters, most of the juice is 100% or close to 100% juice, so it actually tastes like the fruit. It's also hella cheap, which makes for good experimentation (the best juices i have tried cost 1.19€ for a liter). There is also juice from concentrate, but i have yet to feel the need to taste it.

But still, i have already admitted to thinking that American juice is too strong. And 100% juice is pretty strong. Lucky for me, Germans are obsessed with sparkling water. You can buy it at the store for 0.19€ (plus a 0.25€ deposit, a subject for a different entry), and when you add it to juice, BABAM, you have sparkling juice! And it is completely delicious. My favorite brand so far, Biotrend (Bio means organic), tastes just like Martinelli's! And a glass costs like 0.20€!!! I'm drinking SOOOO much juice here.

Prosecco Gummy Bears
I knew long before coming here that German gummy bears are extremely delicious. That is how Oliver convinced me that i should continue talking to him. I had never tried prosecco gummies, though. Prosecco is Italian sparkling wine (for more information see ), and someone more intelligent than i figured out how to put the sparkling wine into the gummy bears!!! So they do two of my favorite things: tingle and taste like wine! I know that they have some alcohol content, but i have yet to be able to consume enough to become even slightly intoxicated.

I found one store, Edeka, that carries them. I always forget how yummy they are. They are more expensive than i would like, but dude, they are Oreos.

It is like cream cheese, only lighter. My favorite kind so far is Kräuter (pronounced kroy-ter, meaning herbal) Butter. It is great on rolls, ham, Ritz crackers (also available at the Edeka), and many other German-related things.

Contrary to my preconceived notions, 'Wurst' does not does not only mean sausage. I do not really like sausage, and most of the regular old sausage here seems to be glorified baloney. It can also mean regular cold cuts, which seem so far to be far above American quality. I love the pork roast and ham especially. We eat them on rolls mostly, but i also eat them on Ritz crackers.#

The only problem that i have with Wurst, is the frequency with which i am supposed to consume it. I don't really like to eat anything for three meals a day, and have already had two days in which i ate nothing that wasn't rolls, crackers, wurst, or Bukobutter. It's a little ridiculous. Oliver assures me that this isn't typical, but since it is the default meal, i doubt him.

German Bread
So far my posts on German food have been rather positive, which might lead one to believe that i LOVE eating here. So far it seems like there is one barrier to my culinary bliss: bitter bread.

I have never been a lover of anything bitter. It took me years to work my way up to Hefeweizen. I have yet to really enjoy any bread here as a result.

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