Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why i started a blog

I always get mad when speach writers start their speeches with long explanations about how and why they came upon the idea for the subject of their speeches. To me, it seems like a cop out for a creative speech opening. Nevertheless, i think that the first post on a blog is different. This blog will ultimately be whatever i make it, but until some collection of posts speaks for itself, i want to start with a statement of purpose.

I started a blog, to be frank, because Gilia told me to. But also because i am currently unemployed and wanted something to do with my spare time. I have a feeling that this blog will die as soon as i get a job, but until then, i can just post things here and then copy and paste them into 'personal emails' that i send to people. This will be much easier than writing separate emails to several people about the joys of prosseco gummy bears (see future post Food I about their deliciousness).

But i am also starting this blog because i think that being in different countries is cool. Despite the many things that Germany and the US have in common, there are also interesting differences. I want a place to rant about them, that does not involve Oliver rolling his eyes. But i also want a place to collect these rants. 20 years from now when i am stuck in one place and boring, i want a place to look at the adventures of my youth. The one surviving print-out of this blog will be that place.

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